This is a two-day intensive course designed to help those in the latter stages of preparation for their INCOSE CSEP or ESEP knowledge examination.


In the same way that the discipline of "Systems Engineering" cannot be taught in just two days, passing the INCOSE Certification knowledge examination cannot be achieved without a commitment to a period of personal study of the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook which  recently underwnet a major update to Version 4.


However attendance of the 2-day boot camp can help in this preparation.


The course instructor is Ian Presland, an INCOSE ESEP and member of the INCOSE Certification Advisory Group - the panel who define the process and set the knowledge examination worldwide.




The purpose of the Boot Camp is to provide:


  • Guidance in understanding the overarching structure and ideas which underpin the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook  

  • An overview of the scope of "processes" in the handbook, including how they interact with each other

  • Help in understanding how "knowledge" of the handbook is tested in the Certification examination, including hints on how questions can be formulated and practice examples

  • An opportunity for individuals who have already started their exam preparation to improve their understanding of handbook ideas by attending a course run by one of the foremost members of the INCOSE Certification community

The course is highly interactive and provides an enjoyable way to support self-study of the handbook in a networking environment.


NOTE:  We also offer a supplementary "Application preparation" telecon, which those starting the CSEP application process.  This is designed to provide helpful tips and advice to those completing their Form 1 subnmisson, so that their chances of success can be maximised at this stage of the application..




We offer both open and closed courses for between 6 and 12 delegates


For further details and the dates of future courses, or on how we can deliver a course to your employees on your site please email info@charterhouse-systems.com





This is a two-day interactive course designed to focus on understanding the need


Making a successful produuct or systems is not about writing a 100-page specification, its about satisfying the Customer and other key stakeholders.


But sometimes Customers do not know what they really want until they see something in front of them.  Worse than that, the english language is full of nuances in the ways ideas can be expressed, especially subjective areas such as "ease of use", "elegance" and so-forth.




This course is designed to provide an insight into the understanding and capture of need, the prioritisation of need from different stakeholders and, most importantly, how to make sure that the Customer is happy at the end of the day! 


Key areas addressed in the course include


  • Stakeholders and their different aims

  • Understandign context

  • "Need" versus" Requirement"

  • Prioritisation

  • The effect of requirements on design (and vice versa)

  • Acjhieving Customer Satisfaction


The course is interactive and includes an extended case study related to a typical product development


We offer both open and closed courses for between 6 and 16 delegates.




For further details and the dates of future courses, please email info@charterhouse-systems.com

Other courses...


Rather than force companies to take our standard courses, we prefer to work with the company to understand their specific needs and then to propose tailored courses designed to focus on the specific weaknesses and development needs of the business.


Typically our training covers the following areas:


  • Introduction to Systems Thinking

  • Delivering Value in Systems Integration and Test

  • Leading Systems Engineering teams

  • Integrating Agile S/W into multidisciplinary system development