Systems Engineering (SE) Certification provides internationally recognised independent accreditation of an individual’s Systems Engineering knowledge and experience.  It is supported by the leading authority in Systems Engineering, INCOSE


Three levels of Systems Engineering Professional (SEP) Certification are offered by INCOSE. This course provides intensive classroom-based training in support of passing the mandatory knowledge examination associated with the “Associate” and “Certified” levels of Certification (ASEP, CSEP).  


The course is targeted at individuals who are already well advanced in their examination preparation.


What will I learn?


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • Outline the structure of the INCOSE SE Handbook and its relationship with ISO 15288;

  • Explain how processes can be tailored collectively to deliver systems engineering capability;

  • Summarise the goals of the INCOSE SEP  knowledge examination and its primary learning objectives;

  • Describe the format of the INCOSE SE (ASEP/CSEP) knowledge examination including the nature of typical questions posed;

  • Identify areas in which to focus their personal exam preparation.


Why attend this course?


The course instructor will be Ian Presland.  Until December 2019, Ian held the post of INCOSE UK Chapter Professional Development Director, responsible for a variety of key initiatives in INCOSE UK.. 


Ian spent six years as a member of the elite 9-person INCOSE Certification Advisory Group (CAG), whose task is to define the INCOSE Certification process and set the examination for Systems Engineers worldwide.  He is currently editor and one of the primary authors of the new INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency framework.


Ian is therefore in a unique position to provide guidance to UK-based delegates not only about the Certification process itself, such as application stages, application and reference form “do’s and don’ts”, the aims of the knowledge examination, but he can also place these in the wider context of competence and professional development as a systems engineer.



Individuals planning to apply for INCOSE ASEP, CSEP or ESEP certification are required by INCOSE to be individual INCOSE members.


It is strongly recommended that delegates bring a copy of the INCOSE SE Handbook at V4 to this course. This is available in both hard and soft copy formats.  The soft copy is free to download to INCOSE members and member organisations.  Details from

What Does It Cover?



  • Overview of INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, including its treatment of ISO 15288 processes and related ideas contained therein;

  • Exercises designed to test current delegate knowledge of INCOSE SE handbook content.


  • Overview of the SEP Knowledge examination;

  • Hints and Tips for final revision preparation;

  • Mini Knowledge Examination (20 questions, 20 mins);

  • Question and Answer session.


Content is based upon on INCOSE handbook (Fourth Edition).


Although the nature of this course is such that information is flowing primarily from instructor to delegates, delegates will be encouraged to ask questions throughout so that they can leave the session with increased confidence and awareness of the requirements of INCOSE SE Certification.


The course concludes with a short (20 min) paper-based “Knowledge examination” similar in concept to the one used by INCOSE.  This is designed to provide delegates with an indication of the further personal preparation they may require in order to be successful in the examination.


It is strongly recommended that delegates bring a copy of the INCOSE SE Handbook at V4 to the course (Available in hard/soft copy formats from


NOTE:  We also offer a supplementary "Application preparation" telecon, which those starting the CSEP application process.  This is designed to provide helpful tips and advice to those completing their Form 1 subnmisson, so that their chances of success can be maximised at this stage of the application..


Where and the next course?


We offer both open and closed courses for between 6 and 12 delegates on a regular basis.


Future dates will be available shortly.


How... can I find out more?


For further details and the dates of future courses, or on how we can deliver a course to your employees on your site please email


INCOSE is the International Council on Systems Engineering

ASEP, CSEP, ESEP stands for Associate, Certified or Expert Systems Engineering Professional as appropriate