INCOSE Systems Engineering (SE) Certification provides internationally recognised independent accreditation of an individual’s Systems Engineering knowledge and experience and is supported by the leading authority in Systems Engineering.


This course is designed for individuals who already have a grounding in Systems Engineering and are now starting to prepare for Certification and examination at ASEP or CSEP levels.  It will also be of interest to managers or mentors of staff who wish to acquire a better understanding of the process of application and the scope of the associated knowledge examination.


What will I learn?


By the end of the course delegates will be able to:


  • Outline the structure of the INCOSE SE Handbook, its relationship with ISO 15288 and the INCOSE perspective on Systems Engineering;

  • Identify and summarise key activities and techniques associated with each of the systems engineering processes identified in the INCOSE SE Handbook;

  • Explain how individual processes can be applied and tailored collectively to deliver systems engineering capability;

  • Describe the format of the INCOSE SE (ASEP/CSEP) knowledge examination and the nature of typical questions posed;

  • Complete their own INCOSE SE Certification CSEP application and reference forms in best practice manner.


Why attend this course?


The course instructor will be Ian Presland, one of the few INCOSE-accredited Expert Systems Engineering Professionals (ESEPs) in the UK.


Ian has recently completed two terms as a member of the elite 9-person INCOSE Certification Advisory Group (CAG), whose task is to define the INCOSE Certification process and to set the examination for Systems Engineers worldwide. 


With extensive experience gained delivering engineering training globally and as a former INCOSE UK Professional Development Director, Ian is in a unique position to provide insight into the aims and content of the Certification knowledge examination and application process and can place these in the wider context of Professional Development in the UK and global Systems Engineering community.



This course is not intended to be an introduction to Systems Engineering; delegates are expected to possess some knowledge of the concepts. ideas and techniques used in the discipline and should be actively considering applying for INCOSE ASEP or CSEP Certification in the short to medium term.


To comply with INCOSE Intellectual Property restrictions, delegates are required to be individual members of INCOSE or employees of either an INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) company or an INCOSE UK Advisory Board (UKAB) member organisation.

What Does It Cover?


Day 1:

  • Overview of Systems Engineering

  • Overview of INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook

  • Generic life cycle stages and tailoring

  • Technical process (Part 1)


Day 2

  • Technical processes (Part 2)

  • Specialty engineering activities

  • Cross-cutting Systems Engineering methods


Day 3

  • Technical management processes

  • Agreement processes

  • Organizational project enabling processes

  • INCOSE SE Handbook Appendices

  • Understanding the knowledge examination

  • Overview of the application process


The course focuses on INCOSE handbook content, but some key concepts are expanded to help those with less experience gain a better understanding.


Although the nature of this course is such that information is flowing primarily from instructor to delegates, delegates will be encouraged to ask questions so that they can leave the session with increased confidence and awareness of the requirements of INCOSE SE Certification.


The course includes many interactive exercises and provides several opportunities for delegates to construct “typical” exam questions.  It concludes with a short (20min) timed “test” offering a realistic chance for attendees to benchmark the status of their preparation for the Certification knowledge exam.


It is strongly recommended that delegates bring a copy of the INCOSE SE Handbook at V4 to the course (Available in hard/soft copy formats from


NOTE:  We also offer a supplementary "Application preparation" telecon, which those starting the CSEP application process.  This is designed to provide helpful tips and advice to those completing their Form 1 subnmisson, so that their chances of success can be maximised at this stage of the application..


Where and the next course?


We offer both open and closed courses for between 6 and 12 delegates on a regular basis.


The course reflects Version 4 of the Handbook.  Future dates will be available shortly.


How... can I find out more?


For further details and the dates of future courses, or on how we can deliver a course to your employees on your site please email


INCOSE is the International Council on Systems Engineering

ASEP, CSEP, ESEP stands for Associate, Certified or Expert Systems Engineering Professional as appropriate