How can I be successful in my INCOSE certification exam?

We now offer FOUR ways to help
1 day SE INCOSE Certification
For individuals confident in their SE knowledge but who want to understand "the INCOSE approach"
  • Presents an overview of structure and content of the INCOSE SE Handbook (now at Version 4)

  • Includes section-by-section guidance on how to present your experience in a way that will maximise the chance of success in the written part of your CSEP submission

5 day "Systems Engineering with INCOSE" course...
  • An opportunity to apply SE handbook processes and ideas in a typical system or product development scenario

  • The course includes a keystone case study which follows the application of INCOSE SE processes from concept to disposal

  • Can be used to underpin your ASEP or CSEP exam preparation

  • Can be tailored to show how company business processes and ways of working map to INCOSE approaches

For those new to systems engineering who would like to learn how the INCOSE SE handbook can help improve the whole lifecycle cost of products and systems
2 day SE Certification Boot Camp...
For experienced individuals who would like the opportunity to refresh their SE knowledge
  • A practical, hands-on course which summarises the INCOSE SE handbook processes and their interactions

  • The course includes many opportunities to understand how questions are formulated for the examination

  • Can be tailored to show how your company business processes and ways of working map to INCOSE approaches

Personalised Mentoring...
Where businesses do not have a specialised systems engineering supporting infrastructure
  • We can create a cost-effective support package which matches your organisations size and budget

  • We will mentor your engineering talent as they develop their systems engineering skills

  • This might include face-to-face sessions, online dialogue, email-based assignments, training and support but all tailored to match the specific circumstances of the organisation and the individual(s) involved.